Unparalleled sound quality
Hold efficient and effective conferences

  • Outstanding audio quality

    Full duplex hands free function
    Dynamic noise reduction
    Echo cancellation
    Automatic gain control

  • DECT technology

    Digital sound
    Interference free
The ultra-sensitive 360° surround wireless microphones and the powerful speaker allow each attendant to be perfectly understood and participate actively
PURE SOUND technology guarantees pure and crystal-clear sound.


We offer a turnkey solution that is unique on the conference system market
All our conference terminals are fitted with detachable wireless DECT microphones
A solution providing maximum mobility and freedom. Attendants can settle freely in the meeting room, speak naturally without raising their voices or moving closer in order to be heard, and can take active part in the conference
The detachable microphones are smart and provide a mute feature that can be activated at any time


With their detachable microphones, our audio conferencing solutions can adapt to match:

  • your meeting room size and layout
    (U-shape, rectangular or square table layout
  • any meeting type: conference call in an office,
    or small or medium-sized meetings
  • our conference phones have a single power/telephone line (analogue versions) or
    power/LAN (SIP versions) connection module to minimize cabling and optimize terminal setup

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